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Welcome to integrity-trust (i-t)

When I think of an “i.t.” person, I do so as an end user and not as a techie. I rely on the “i.t.” person and wouldn’t function without them. So when my computer or smartphone is … sluggish, crashed, frozen or just misbehaving I call for an “i.t.”  And sometimes these gurus of technology also show me how to do things easier, quicker or introduce me to capacities I never knew my device had.

Greg Groeschel wrote a book simply called, “IT”.  He referred to the IT as the “sweet spot”. You probably intuitively know what he means by sweet spot. He is referring to IT as what you find in, “that’s it”. “You’ve got it”. “I found it.” IT is the very thing. the precise thing, the longed for thing, the main thing.  It is “it”.

Let me share some reasons why you might want to check  out “i-t” on a regular basis.

  Stories –         Inspiring Testimonies. I want to hear  and share your stories.  Your stories help me know you and identify with you.  We all have a story.  I am interested in your story.  Stories are power.  It deserves to be told.  However, I will never share any part of your story  without your permission.

QNA –            Inquiring Thought. A person committed to a lifestyle of integrity definitely encounters some difficult challenges.  “i-t” will probe deeply into the tough, complicated, difficult questions that integrity raise.    I will invite your questions and welcome your insights.  Together we will find wisdom.

Coaching –    In-depth Teaching.  In writing part of the CLI Manual, I left out more material then I included.  It was wonderful information but not essential to the manual. I look forward to sharing some of the best of that material with you plus new information. I guarantee “i-t”will add valuable insights to the six pillars of integrity,

ConfrontationIntentional Transformation   Let’s blog openly and honestly about challenges you confront when addressing the giant of corruption.  The giant is not just out there (culture) it can also be in here (heart).  Overcoming corruption is no small challenge. But it can be done.  We need to talk about the fears, consequences, sacrifices and suspicions faced in living with integrity.

I want to hear from you!  I hope the CLI (Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity) community will shape “i-t”.   And I promise to do my best to make “i-t” like a vitamin for your integrity health.  May you find your “IT” by visiting “i-t”.  May “i-t” be like an an  “i.t.” person providing the  help you need to reach your integrity potential.

Bill Pipke

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